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...the Labrador magazine read and saved by fanciers worldwide offers articles on all aspects of Labrador care. Every Labrador lover will appreciate the Labrador Quarterly magazine, published quarterly, with monthly emailed news bulletins - all chock full of helpful articles, advice, tips, useful listings, and information from breeders, judges and handlers.

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Spring 2020
My Most Incredible Whelping Experience; Labrador Structure - Form Follows Function; Centerfold featuring BISS Ch Blackwing Superfine; Answers to Simple Breeding Questions; Specialty results from Pawcatuck River LRC, San Diego LRC and Westminster KC; An Update on Canine Leptospirosis; AKC Pee Wees: Youngsters Have Fun at Dog Shows; Show and Tell featuring Atlantic Labradors, Deborah Weinman; Getting to Know featuring Tuscany Labradors, Lisa Colombani

Winter 2019
How Did You Get featuring Sherry and Mike Geurts, Hayshaker Labradors; Puppy Placement by Robin Anderson; Getting to Know featuring Sandstone Labradors, Susan and Robert Leonard; Specialty results from Midwest LRC of Iowa, LRC of Southern California, LRC, Inc Regional Specialty and LRC, Inc National Specialty; Northwest Notes, Weaning Puppies to "Going Home Food"; Backpacking With Dogs in Colorado; Centerfold featuring MBISS Ch Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie; Judges Speak Round Robin Conversations featuring Sherry L Anderson, Elizabeth Wenner, Nancy Talbott, Steven and Shari Kirschner and Judy Heim; Working Lab K9 Officer Boomer to Retire

Fall 2019
How Did You Get featuring Lisa McGlothlen, RainyDaze Labradors; Training: Puppy Biting; AKC Health News, Understanding the Role of E. Coli Biofilm in Canine Pyometra; Potomac results and judges' critiques; Centerfold featuring Ch Aquarius Centercourt Delight JH "Buzz"; Show and Tell featuring Hadleigh Labradors

Summer 2019
Getting to Know featuring Brae Labradors; How Did You Get featuring Forestwood Labradors; Judges' Speak by Debra McKinley; How Do You Do That? My "Secrets" for Success Part 3 by Earl Thomas; Can Dogs Get Measles?; Show and Tell featuring Glacieridge Labradors; Centerfold featuring Am Ch Devonshires Darjeeling "Dee Dee" by Allison Rogers; Genetic Heterogeneity and It's Importance in Dog Breeding; Slab Fractures and Bone Warning; Tips for Success With Fresh Chilled Semen; What Dog Owners Need to Know about the FDA's Grain-Free Diet Alert

Spring 2019
Anyone can enjoy earning a working certificate; Centerfold featuring Ch Kupros Live Spark "Bracken"; How you do that? My "Secrets" for Success by Earl Thomas; Show and Tell featuring Spirithawk Labradors and Cindy Ellis; Just for fun Other Breeds; Co-Ownership Contracts: When Two's a Crowd; When Parvo Comes A-Calling; Dog Show Etiquette; How Did You Get featuring Journeyman Labradors, Deb and Jon Quast; Getting to Know Firewater Labradors, LaDonna Bostwick; Canine Arthritis Treatment; Handling the Handler, show results from Westminster, Crufts and the San Diego LRC

Winter 2018/2019
Getting to Know featuring Artesian Labradors with Marlys Swanson; Be a Confident Exhibitor; How Did You Get featuring Alexandra Flanigan, Kintra Labradors; Follow-up: Canine Cruciate Ligament Disease; Grooming and Foot Care for Labradors; Ellie Stintzcum tribute; Show and Tell featuring Kristin Stefek and Summerlin Labradors; Survey of Risk Factors for Digit Injuries; Centerfold featuring Empress Louis Vuitton CGC RN DN JH WCX; Training Secrets by Earl Thomas

Fall 2018
Potomac 2018 Coverage including judges' critiques, results; Getting to Know featuring Lincoln Creek Valley Labradors and Cathy Hakola; Show Puppy Training Exercises; Centerfold featuring Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, AKC, BKC Ch ShadowGlen Augustus, CDX, RAE, SH, TDI, CGC, WCX; Show and Tell featuring Chris and Randy Valdez, Kenya Labradors; Barn Hunt: A New Way to Hunt!; David Vollette memorial; Mastitis in Nursing Mother Dogs; How Did You Get Your Kennel Name featuring Gerardo and Joan Saldana, Zinfndel Labrador Retrievers

Health: Pet Pot and the Canine Cannabis Dilemma; Centerfold featuring Ch Buttonwood Stone Cliff True Grit "Stetson"; Errorless House Training and Chew Toy Training; How Did You Get Your Kennel Name featuring Snowcress Labradors, Lisa Butler and LuAnn Curtis; Getting to know featuring Amethyst Labradors; Breeding: Ovulation Timing and Breeding Management; Show and Tell featuring Sherry and Mike Anderson, Sher-Mi; A Novice's Guide to Buhying a Breeding/Show Quality Puppy

Getting To Know Somersun Labradors; Training For the Performance Ring; How Did You Get Your Kennel name featuring Sweetwater Labrador Retrievers; Centerfold featuring MBISS Am GCh & National BOB Winner 2009, JanLon's Light My Fire aka "Striker"; Handling Your Own Dog in the Conformation Ring; Show and Tell featuring Diane Pilbin, Chucklebrook

Winter 2017 - SOLD OUT

Fall 2017
Getting to Know: Jackpot Farms, Tricia Kauhn and Mallori Seifert; Centerfold featuring Kai Den's Blk Magic Woman; Copper Toxicosis in the Labrador Retriever; Show and Tell featuring Borador Labradors and Sally Bell; "Silver" Labradors: The truth about dilutes; Potomac 2017 Judges' critiques and specialty results

Carol Heidl, Tabatha Labradors memorial; Somatic Mutation in Labradors and the Cells Responsible; Tribute to Multi BISS GCh Sureshot HySpire Impressive WC, "Travis"; Getting to Know Tchesinkut Labradors, Candice Little, Burns Lake BC; Reflecting On Being a Breeder; Labs and "Strange Things", Crufts 2017 Show Results; Judges' Critiques 2016 Potomac; Obedience: Westminster Kennel Club; Centerfold featuring Dutch Hollow's Charismatic MH, RE, CD, WCX (ptd); Labrador People featuring Diann Sullivan, Cedarwood.

Eliminate Common Field Training Problems for Puppy; Show and Tell: Sue and Mike Puffenbarger; Getting to Know: Quail Chase Labradors, Tina and Duke Donahue; Centerfold: MBISS Bronze GCh Belgairn's Mighty Quinn Of Summit View Ranch; Canine Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Care; The Standard: Faults vs Defects; Tributes to Marilyn Reynolds, Finchingfield Labradors; Growing up Finchingfield

WINTER 2016/2017
Show and Tell: Grampian Labradors; Getting to Know: Piccadilly Labradors; Centerfold: Can Ch UGRCH AC NI NE UROG URX2 SHR Kelrobin Black Minx WCX RE CGCA BN CD JH RATI RATN Can RA CGN PCD WC CD
(Raven); My Favorite Five Exercises and How to Teach Them; Choosing Cesarian Section; Training Your Dog for Field Work--A Perspective; Show coverage from Parent Club Specialty and the LRC and Pawcatuck River, including judges' critiques; The Challenges of Becoming a Master Hunter.

FALL 2016
Northwest Notes: Could Bacterial Disease Be Causing Her Infertility?; A Short Observation of the Labrador Retriever by Barbara Gomez, Barclare Labs; Getting to Know Cinnamire Labradors; LRC of the Potomac coverage; Centerfold featuring U-ALCH U-AL-BIS U-CD URO2 Fallriver's Micah Of Waltona UD GN GO VER RAE2 AXP AJP DN Canadian CDX RN “Micah”; Foxtails; Around the World of Labradors featuring Roughfield Labradors, New Zealand; Show and Tell featuring Michael and Kimberlee Silva

Vaccinations: Booster Shot Warning; "Service" in providing stud services; Centerfold featuring Ch Snowden Hill Mango Crazy RA JH CGC WC CC; The Economic Benefits of AKC Dog Events; San Diego show results; Warrior Canine Connection; Getting to Know Wyntercreek Labradors; Raise Your Puppy The Service Dog Way; Searching For the Superior Sire; Patellar Luxation; Rattlesnake Emergency

Northwest Notes: What are you showing the judge?; Treibball for all breeds "Try-ball"; Canine Arthritis; Westminster Kennel Club coverage; Movement Revisited; Panosteitis; Prioritizing Whole Dog Health; What is my pet's cancer stage?; Thoughts on Puppy Milk Replacers; Getting Ready: Puppy Whelping Supplies.

WINTER 2015/6
Socializing and Shaping Puppy Temperaments; Pawcatuck River LRC results, judges critiques; Show and Tell featuring Laura Fletcher, Drycreek Labradors; Potomac critique by Judge Anja Verbeek; Raising a Performance Puppy: To Exercise or Not to Exercise, that is the question; So You ant to Use Your Dog at Stud?; Unwanted Traits Appearing in Our Dogs

FALL 2015
Training: The First; Health: What a complete blood count can tell us about your pet's health; Health update on Stonecreek's Native Stardust; Dangers Around Your Home; Dangers of the Cuterebra Fly (Botfly); Around the World of Labradors featuring Jolene Lingnau, Eagertrieve; LRC of The Potomac Specialty results and judges' critiques; Prominent Breeder-Judges Interviewed by Julie Brown; Leaky Dogs: A Primer on Urinary Incontinence; Training: Smart Start Puppy Handling

Show and Tell featuring Pamela Ireland, Seawind Labradors; In Memory of Susan Ann Eberhardt Pt 2; Northwest Notes Knowing "Reasons"; Around the World of Labradors featuring Emilio and Alessia Sanacore, Honeydark Labradors (Italy); Centerfold featuring The Things This Lab Has Taught Me, Can Ch UCH UCD URO3 Pearl Valley Splash Of Desert CD RE VST CGC TDI by Donna Eichman; Canine Allergies Pt 1; Cancer in Dogs; Methicillin Resistant Infections

Training: Clicker Makes Life Better for Dogs and Trainers; Around The World featuring Croftsway Labradors in New Zealand; Centerfold featuring Ch Seawind's Fergmar Edubard; Life Lessons: What I Learned From Cutter by Christine Nye; Show and Tell featuring Harlequin Labradors; Susan Eberhardt memorial pt 1; Dogs and Wills: How to Leave a Legacy For Your Pet

WINTER 2014/5
HEALTH . . .Lick Granulomas: An Annoying Little Problem That is Difficult to Solve, Posted in Canine Health . . . SHOW AND TELL . . .Maidstone Labradors, By Diane and Kent McClurg and Erin McClurg Webster
CENTERFOLD. . . Am GCh Can Ch SHR UJJ UKC GCh Casbar's The Big O CGC TDI WCX JH, By Jennifer L. Carroll, Lynneville Labradors . . . RICHARD BEAUCHAMP ON . . .Choosing the Dog to Special: Pt 1,
By Richard Beauchamp . . . AROUND THE WORLD OF LABRADORS . . .Rosemade Labradors, By Rosa Agostini,
Italy . . . SPECIALTY RESULTS . . .Pawkatuk River LRC . . . JUDGE'S CRITIQUE . . .2014 Pawcatuck LRC
By Sharon Luckhart, Highcaliber Labradors . . . NORTHWEST NOTES . . . Breeding For Better Labradors, By Diann Sullivan . . . STUD DOGS. . .Picking The Right Stud Dog, By Mary A. Wiest . . . HEALTH . . .Some Common Emergencies for Your Dog, From the Internet . . . California is Tops for Dog Poisoned, by Marijuana

FALL 2014
POTOMAC . . . Judge’s Critique, By Judge Beppe Masia
POTOMAC . . .From The Ringside, By Daos Boonma
RICHARD BEAUCHAMP ON . . Bitches: The Bottom Line, By Richard Beauchamp
HEALTH. . .Canine Dental Health, By William Given
THE OWNER-HANDLER . . .Presenting Your Lab, By Becky Gorton Dannaker, Nipntuck Labradors
SHOW & TELL . . .Dostaff Labrador Retrievers, By Melissa Bickerstaff
NORTHWEST NOTES . . . Breeding For Better Labradors, By Diann Sullivan
SHOW RESULTS . . .LRC of Southern California 
AROUND THE WORLD OF LABRADORS . . . Stephen Wu, Toptail Labradors, By Jen Leitao and Victor Kao
THE STANDARD . . .Thoughts on the Labrador Retriever
By Terrie Soto
HEALTH . . .Pyothorax: Daisymae’s Story, By Barb Burri
HEALH . . .Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease: Stabilizing The Stabilizer, By Barbara Fawver
NOTES FROM CANADA . . . Of Love and Loss and Learning To Move On, By Paula Banks
PRESS RELEASE . . .Beautiful Rescued Labrador With Epilepsy Shines Like A Star, By Brenda Halverson
CANINE PSYCHOLOGY. . . New Findings About Your Dog’s Bond With You
HEALTH When it’s Time for a Urinalysis
JUNIORS . . .Helpful Hints For Juniors, by William Given

SUMMER 2014 - The Stud issue
SHOW AND TELL . . .Delian Laradors, By Deloris Vansant , 
FOUR  CENTERFOLD LABS . . .My Dual Purpose Labradors, By Earl Thomas
RICHARD BEAUCHAMP ON . . .What IS a Stud Dog?, By Richard Beauchamp
MAKING HISTORY. . .Dutch Hollow Storm Cat, AWC, CD, SH, VPM - The First Versatile Producer of Merit, By Sandy McMillan
IN LOVING MEMORY . . . Stonecreek’s Natv Gold Dust CGCA NJH, By Josie Shugar
HEALTH . . . Burned During a C-Section, By Robin Anderson
SPECIALTY RESULTS . . .LRC of Hawaii, 80th Specialty Show
SPECIALTY RESULTS . . .Central California LRC March 16th, 2014


WINTER 2013/2014
PUPPY PLACEMENT Pick of the Litter: What Does It Mean? By Robin Anderson
HEALTH . . . Blasto - Our Story. By Scott Wenstrom
PUPPY CARE . . . Potty Training Using Pellets. By Shelley Ellison
CENTERFOLD . . . AM CH UCH SHR AGI Endeavor Piccadilly Gotta Wear Shades 
JH NA NAJ WC CGC TDI “Bono”, by Nicole McCarthy
AROUND THE WORLD OF LABRADORS . . . Armor and Freyre Labradors, Puerto Rico, by Armando Moreno
SPECIALTY RESULTS . . .  Pawcatuck River LRC
SENIOR LABS . . . A Work in Progress, by Victor Pintel
SHOW AND TELL . . . Adventure Labradors, by Kim Falker
AKC NEWS . . . editorial regarding PETA
NORTHWEST NOTES . . . Simple Answers to Breeding Questions, by Diann Sullivan
SPECIALTY RESULTS . . . LRC of Greater Boston, Inc.
HEALTH . . . TVD: Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia,  Pt. 2, by Susan Mouw
THE BEST OF ELEANOR . . . Your Handler and You, by Eleanore Eldredge
HUMOR . . . The Night Before Christmas, revisited, by Sissy Harrington-McGill


FALL 2013
THE LRC OF THE POTOMAC COVERAGE: Results, Judges Critiques,
From My Ringside Seat at the Potomac Spring Show. By Chuck Winslow
ON MY MIND . . . Potomac Survival Guide. By Laura Berger
CENTERFOLD . . .MBISS/MBOSS Gold GCh Briarwood’s Eye On The Prize. By Stacey Sellers, Briarwood
SPECIALTY RESULTS . . .Winnebago LRC, Saturday, June 15, 2013
AROUND THE WORLD OF LABRADORS . . . Phillipe Lammens, Misty Dreams Labradors, France. By Dawn Nac
HEALTH . . .Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia Pt 1. By Susan Mouw
FROM THE PAST . . .Reprinted from Spring 1992 - Interview with Kendall Herr, 
JUDGING . . . Judging Your First Assignment. By Laura J Dedering
JUST FOR FUN . . . Scientists (Finally) Discover How Dogs Use Their Tongues to Drink
FROM THE GREEN ROOM . . .What I Learned from National Dog Magazine. By Jean Fergus
HEALTH . . . Blastomycosis

SUMMER 2013 - The Stud issue
NOTES FROM CANADA…Guiding Us Through The Bad Times. By Paula Banks
AROUND THE WORLD OF LABRADORS . . . Interview with Manuel Queijeiro,
Queijeiro Labradors, Mexico. By Dawn Nacey
TRAINING . . . Our Amazing Invisible Dog, “Hildi”. By Robin Anderson
HEALTH . . . Loss Of a Litter. By Patricia Lloyd, and Ticks. By Patricia Thomblison DVM, MS
CENTERFOLD . . .Ch Dutch Hollow’s Tip Top CD,SH,TD,AWC. By Sandy McMillan
AKC NEWS . . . Monitoring the Health of Canine Heroes at Ground Zero
Overseas News
UK SHOWS . . . Wales, West of England, East Anglian
A LAB STORY . . . The Mighty Argus. By Alex Stefan
NORTHWEST NOTES . . . Understanding and Assisting Uterine Inertia. By Dianne Sullivan
PERFORMANCE . . . Flicka Gains Her 23rd AKC Title. By Chris and Gordon Wellsandt
AGILITY  . . . Henry - National Champion Agility Dog. By Kris Butler
ANIMAL LEGISLATION . . . Side Effects: Because for Every Cause, there’s an Effect! = HSUS-HSVA-AVAR-AMVA. By Barbara J. Andrews
TRAINING . . . Help! My Dog is Going Blind. Can I Train My Other Dog to Help Her? By Mary Burch, AKC Canine Good Citizen Director
HONORING OUR HEROES . . . Cpt. Todd M. Siebert and his Dog, Seibert L515. By Linsay Wykoff
THE LABRADOR STANDARD . . . 19 Years Later Contemplating the Effects of the 1994 Labrador Standard Revision. By Laura Dedering
LABWORK . . . Cold Tail. By Julie A. Oghigian, DVM
SHOW AND TELL . . . Dolce Vita Labs. By Sonya Dudder